Step 1 - Clean Your Skin

The first step to your treatment is getting your skin nice and clean
Step 2 - Tip Selection
When selecting which tip to use, you should use the one that works best on your skin or alternate between tips
We recommend that for the first treatment, you use the Microcrystalline tip
This tip is composed of Microcrystallie particles, which is the best for deep exfoliation and removing dead/dull tired skin
Small Tip
The small tip is the best for the nose and chin areas, it is great for removing oil build-up and pollutants.
Oval Tip
The oval tip has the strongest suction out of all of the tips, so please only use this on the lowest level of suction. This is the best tip for increased blood circulation and boosting Collagen
Step 3 - Testing Your Skin
This is an important step, so please do not skip this. Use the handset on the lowest suction level, and slowly glide the device on the back of your hand or forearm. This is great for practicing stroke.
Allow 5 minutes due to the effects not being visible straight away. Once you are happy that the treatments are comfortable, then you are ready!
Step 4 - Steaming
Step 4 is all about steaming your face, to relax and open pores which allows for the best possible treatment. You can either use a face steamer, or simply a warm towel on your face for 10 minutes. Having a hot shower before hand will also help boost results.
Step 5 - Suction POWER
Our handset has four suction power levels. 
Level 1/2 are for your face, and level 3/4 are for less sensitive areas like your back.
For your first treatment please use the lowest suction level.
Step 6 - The TREATMENT
Important Notice
  • This treatment should never be painful, so if you start to feel any pain then stop immediately. This could be that you choose the wrong tip or suction level that is not suitable for your skin type
  • Please do not hover on any spots, glide the handset over the skin.
  • After each stroke, you will need to give your skin time to react as effects are not always immediately seen. Do not pass over treated areas more then once. 
 Let's Get To The Treatment
  1. Begin with the handset on the lowest suction setting
  2. Use your spare hand to pull your skin tight while treating
  3. Perform the same test that you took in Step 3, but this time on your face. Wait 5 minutes, once you confirm that it is comfortable for your skin. 
  4. Start at the very bottom of your face and make your way upwards.
  5. Glide the Eternal Skin handset across the natural lines of your face.
  6. Strokes should be smooth and swift, this will achieve the best results please not any apply pressure

Each treatment you do, the better they will get! You will learn the optimal angle (which can be hard, this is the angle that continues suction through the whole stroke) and the best tips for your skin.

 Step 7 - Post Treatment

This is the last step in the treatment. Finish with rinsing your face with cold water. This will tighten your purified pores and reduce re-clogging. Make sure that you don't forget to moisturize after each treatment. Wait atleast 7 days between each treatment.

And there we go! Smooth, youthful and glowing skin!